Kimchi Sweet Potatoes and Curry Season

Our tips for a healthy winter? We have several! All are natural, tasty and warming. Starting 6
December, apart from our regular all-time Salad Story favourites, we have a new, unique
menu and returning bestsellers for you.

As season dictates, our focus is on pickles in the form of Korean kimchi (strengthens and
supports immunity), fresh exotic mango, a new mango-pineapple dressing made from natural
fruits, filling baked sweet potato and warm Curry dishes - this season there are two types!

Our proposals for you for this winter season include two salads, our well known and liked
bestseller Vegan Miso Mango and Chicken Mango Kimchi. Winter is unthinkable without our
warm and nutritious bowls, so this time we have prepared two of them! Full of flavours and
savoury, both the Mushroom Curry Bowl and our classic Sweet Potato Curry Bowl are served
as hot dishes. Our beloved winter soups - Thai Coconut and Vege Curry - are also back to
perfectly complement your winter lunch set. A must on our list of seasonal dishes are our
unique wraps, filled to the brim with fresh ingredients. Take Seitan Mango Wrap with original
mango pineapple dressing from fresh fruit and filling seitan, or Vege Asia with fresh mango
and kimchi - a natural source of probiotics. Both are destined for success, not only among diehard vegetarians. A new season also means a new seasonal juice. This year's composition is a mix of apple, pear and lime with the addition of ginger juice and a blend of spices: turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom. We end our quick recap of seasonal dishes with a complete novelty.
A concentrated health boost in a bottle? This is our shot with fresh turmeric, oranges and
cayenne pepper. A proper serving of vitamins and warming spices with special health
properties - straight from freshly squeezed fruit.

Our new products are perfect for cold snaps and all kinds of bad weather. Warming and
filling, they will pep you up with lots of nutrients and vitamins your body needs at this time of
the year.

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