Summer Season

On 24 June, our SUMMER SEASON becomes official! Get a taste of our new products and embark on a culinary journey to Asia.


This summer, we have concocted new compositions of delicious and healthy ingredients such as: teriyaki marinated aubergine, soba noodles, sugar snap peas, marinated and roasted onions, quinoa, lime, and delicious teriyaki dressing. 


The list of seasonal delights starts with the Mango Salmon salad, its two key ingredients clear at first glance. In addition to juicy mango and salmon, it also comes with edamame beans, sugar snap peas, quinoa, ripe avocado and fresh cucumber. All this is sprinkled with fresh mint leaves and roasted onions.

The second composition we have come up with for you is perfect for vegetarians. Baked eggplant in teriyaki marinade, buckwheat soba noodles, edamame beans, fresh cucumber, sugar snap peas, avocado and fresh herbs and sesame mix - our Fresh Veggie Teriyaki salad. We especially recommend sprinkling this composition with lime juice, which comes as the standard dressing.

Fans of our wraps will also find an equally delicious treat for themselves - the Teriyaki Wrap, its main ingredient being roasted eggplant in teriyaki marinade, topped up with fresh vegetables as well as roasted and pickled onions.

The list would not be complete without the Soba Chicken Bowl, a filling but light dish based on buckwheat soba noodles with the addition of chicken in chilli sauce and edamame beans, sugar snap peas, broccoli sprouts, marinated and roasted onions, as well as sesame sprinkles. For vegetarians we recommend replacing the chili chicken with sesame tofu or seitan.


Other novelties this season include SMOOTHIES made from fresh ingredients. Avocado Pineapple Mint and Tropical Mango sound delicious and we promise they taste the same! Both offer you a large boost of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies during heat waves. Our smoothie is the perfect solution, doing just as well as a separate meal and as a refreshing addition to the main course.


Our new seasonal compositions will be perfect for the upcoming days of sunshine. They are exotic, light and nutritious at the same time, and rich in what we love, i.e. vitamins and nutrients.


Click >>here<< and check what we have prepared for you this summer.