Time for the sun - our new seasonal menu


As early as 21 April, we let the Season of the Sun begin in Salad Story!

As usual, we have taken care that each new edition of our menu features the freshest seasonal ingredients, indispensable to fully enjoy the sunny months.


In our spring and summer menu, we will offer dishes inspired by the Mediterranean. We have devised two light salads for you: the vegetarian Veggie Sun with poached egg and baked new zucchini, and the Santorini, a salad with chicken and Mediterranean cheese. The salads will be joined by the delicious, filling Summer Chicken Burger packed with seasonal ingredients and the Greek Wrap, your solid serving of health. The refreshing Rhubarb Lemonade with the addition of chia seeds and mint closes the list of seasonal novelties.


Tasty and light, our seasonal compositions are also rich in vitamins and nutrients. Embark on a culinary journey with them and feel the sun on your fork.


Check out our current seasonal menu >>here<<