Season for - our new menu


As seasons have changed, so has our seasonal menu. From 15 December, our restaurants will be offering compositions rich in NATURAL PROBIOTICS, i.e. pickled vegetables and TURMERIC!


Kimchi - Original Korean pickled napa cabbage with ginger, chilli, radish, and carrot.


Lebanese pickled turnip - Pink pickled turnip and red beet.


Mango turmeric tahini dressing - Hand-made dressing of fresh mango, turmeric and sesame paste with a touch of coconut milk.


In the winter version of our menu, we have concocted two salads for you: Purple Superfoods with baked seitan or chicken, which combine the pleasant with the useful. The purple colour comes from Lebanese pickled turnip, baked beetroot, and red cabbage salad. All these vegetables are rich in anthocyanins, which have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Your second, vegan option is Vegan Miso Mango with original Korean kimchi. To complement salads, we have also introduced a delicious, warming Sweet Potato Curry Bowl with nutritious, warm sweet potato curry and the spicy Thai Coconut soup with red curry paste and fresh coriander. As our natural allies in building immunity, we have added the Seitan Mango Tahini Wrap, with Lebanese pickled turnip, a solid portion of fresh vegetables, our vegan meat - seitan, and a rich mango turmeric tahini dressing. Our list of seasonal dishes is completed by Vege Thai Wrap, our established winter classic.


Our tips for a healthy winter? We have several! All are tasty, vitamin-rich and natural!

This six-pack will not only effectively help you fight off colds and annoying infections, but is also delicious!

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