Seasonal Menu - Pumpkin Season

Seasonal Menu 2023 - AUTUMN SEASON!

This autumn, we will take you on a journey around the world. Italy, France, or perhaps the Middle East? Keep summer for longer and head with us into the unknown thanks to our new, seasonal compositions.

At Salad Story, we love autumn, which is why pumpkin dominates most of our seasonal items. Other A-listers include: Jerusalem artichoke, grape, smoked cheese and cranberry dressing. Sounds good and tastes even better!

The stand-out among the new dishes is our Autumn Chicken Salad. With some baked beetroot and pumpkin, as well as smoked Tvorog, lentils, chilli chicken, it goes perfectly with sweet grapes and cranberry dressing. The blend of sweet and sour with dry ingredients creates a remarkable palette of flavours.

The second composition is Pumpkin Mezze, inspired by the Middle East. A filling vegan salad composed of baked pumpkin, lettuce, hummus, cabbage salad, Jerusalem artichoke, pickled onion, seitan and grapes, with a sprinkling of buckwheat and fresh mint. Its ingredients will be welcomed by your immune system on frosty days.

The Burgundy Beet Bowl is one of our favourites on this list. First of all, it is very rich in nutritional values that your body needs to function properly. It includes: pearl barley, beet bourguignon, Jerusalem artichoke, black lentils, grapes, all garnished with parsley. Finger lickin’ good!

Rich in vitamins and protein, the Italy-inspired Parma Pumpkin Bowl will also satisfy foreign delicacy aficionados. Pasta prepared with creamy pumpkin soup, cherry tomatoes and tomato salsa, mozzarella, basil chicken, sprinkled with delicate Parmesan, is a great choice for cool autumn evenings.

At Salad Story, you can also opt for our delicious, hand-made wraps! This year, our seasonal menu includes new meat and vegan options. Chicken Pumpkin Wrap with Tvorog and grapes, as well as Seitan Pumpkin Wrap with baked pumpkin, avocado or mint, are waiting for you, ready to go with you, even when you are flying!

Other highlights include natural, warming autumn soups. For this season, we have come up with the special Creamy pumpkin soup and the Mushroom with truffle oil soup. These unexpected flavours will not only make you full, but also offer the opportunity to taste something completely unique!

Also new this season is our Cinnamon Pear juice! Its aroma and taste evoke memories of childhood, like apple pie sprinkled lightly with cinnamon. This is a must-try item!

Our freshest seasonal compositions will be perfect for autumn days. Add more colours and vitamins to your everyday life with our autumn menu!

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