Our values

Salad Story was created in 2007 and as a place where you can enjoy simple, quick, fresh, seasonal, real, unprocessed food, such as salads, wraps, hot dishes based on groats, vegan burgers or natural soups.

We believe that our daily decisions on what we eat, where the products come from, and how they are prepared have a strong impact on our health, on the society and the environment.

We are the largest chain serving healthy food in Poland, which makes us proud but – first and foremost – makes us feel responsible for being ones who have to change the definition of fast food and serve food of the future, good for people and for the environment.

This is why we constantly seek improvements and try to undertake new challenges so that we have a positive impact on diets that people eat – both our adult clients who make informed decisions, as well as young people and children.

Our responsibility for the environment starts with seasonal and local products, this is why we change part of our menu every time the season changes.

We choose Polish suppliers thanks to whom the supply chain is shorter and our ingredients – fresher.

We care for the wellbeing of animals, among other things by using eggs from free range hens.

We try not to waste food by preparing your dishes immediately after they have been ordered – this way ready-made meals are not wasted.

In our restaurants, we use eco-friendly solutions, packaging, and sorting of waste so that we do not pollute the world.

When preparing our menu, we take dietary requirements into account, putting our heart and soul into it because we love natural and fresh food without the need to compromise on taste.

We work with passion because we know that we have an important mission – to promote real, healthy food. Who knows us, knows what is important to us:



We believe that we can truly make this world a better place – it is an ambitious task, requiring us to be open to changes, but also remaining attuned to new trends as well as nutritional and social needs connected with food. We have placed the bar quite high and for 14 years we have been adapting to meet the needs of people and the environment.



It is impossible to fulfil a true mission without remaining attentive to another human being, without trust, honesty, and openness. This is the basis of cooperation in our team, but also of our attitude towards our guests and suppliers. We are a family business. Together, we can achieve any goal!



Everything we believe in and what is important to us must be put into practice. On a daily basis we overcome obstacles and meet ambitious challenges. We persistently strive to fulfil our goals, and this is why, among other things, we have freed hens from cages by using exclusively free-range eggs without increasing the prices of our dishes!



Healthy food is to be pleasurable and delicious! We cook with passion and true pleasure. We create flavours without forgetting that, by feeding people, we surround them with love. We are driven by joy and good energy because we can do what we love, and what is good for people, the environment and for nature.



We are trying to achieve balance between a great taste, and good, well-balanced ingredients of our food, between feeding people on large scale and taking care of the environment and nature, profit for our business and corporate social responsibility. All these pillars are just as important for us.