Our history

Two brand new mums met at a fitness class. During shared walks with their children they came to understand that they had a shared passion for good taste, creativity, commitment, and enthusiasm for changing the world for the better.

Despite the prevailing conviction in those days that a salad could not constitute a separate and nutritious dish, they had an unshakeable belief that feeding people with real, natural and well-balanced delicious food, served quickly and moderately priced, was something everyone needed, so they stepped onto their path towards making the world a better place. They successfully put their plan into practice and this is how Salad Story was created.

The first restaurant was established in Warsaw, in the Złote Tarasy shopping centre in 2007. It quickly turned out that not only the originators behind it had a need for such place. In the world of fast foods many people wanted to eat real, natural food and it became clear how much Salad Story was filling that void.

The chain started attracting further enthusiasts and more and more new locations quickly followed. Currently, Salad Story is the largest chain of healthy fast food restaurants in Poland.

We consistently follow our mission, providing and popularising healthy food for eating out. We feed our guests with the love of nature, we work together with Polish suppliers, and we use local crops wherever possible. The chain is managed by its founder and enthusiast, Ania Krajewska, who personally creates flavours and compositions available in the restaurants, she looks for new trends and introduces them to Salad Story, and she watches over values and what has been the most important element from the beginning: the mission of changing the world for the better through good healthy food.