New! Try the refreshed classics!

At Salad Story, our work to satisfy your culinary needs and introduce new, fresh flavours never ends. We are therefore pleased to announce changes to our regular menu that we are sure will be to your liking! On 20 June, we are launching several new items that will surprise you with a wealth of flavours and variety.
Our menu will be enriched with new, tasty salad compositions. The Vegan Teriyaki and Kimchi Shrimp Salads have been carefully concocted with a variety of taste preferences in mind. In addition, we have refreshed the composition of some of our classic salads. The Avocado Chicken, Cobb, Caesar, Mango Chicken, Neapolitana, Nice, and Avocado Fisherman salads have all undergone metamorphoses. All of them come now with new, even more exquisite ingredients. We are sure that everyone, regardless of their preferences, will find a new favourite to enjoy.
We have also boosted our Wraps range. Of the four existing compositions, the two bestsellers - Thai and Avocado Tuna, which have received your greatest praise - will remain on the menu. Even better, we have come up with four completely new proposals. Joining the Wraps category are: BBQ Beef, Kalimera Chicken, Blue Cheese, and Hummus Vegekebab. We have no doubts that they will delight you with their flavours and variety of ingredients.
What changed most is our range of Bowls. We have been observing your increasing interest in this product category for some time. To meet your expectations, we are introducing as many as six new bowls! Two of them will be exceptional - poured over for you with hot soups to add a unique touch and let you enjoy their rich and very distinct flavours. Meet our Poke Shrimps, Tuscan Chicken and Curry Chicken bowls. We believe that swapping dressings for our hot, full-flavoured soups in these two compositions will delight you with a wealth of flavours and aromas. Four other of the new bowls - Chicken Teriyaki, Mexican and Mezze - tempt with a variety of ingredients we have combined to create thematic and filling compositions for you. We are sure that the new proposals will make even the most demanding gourmets smile with joy.
For those who are are less hungry or would just like to stimulate their taste buds, we are introducing a new category - Snacks. Roasted Sweet Potato, Kimchi, and Hummus, which you will find in all our restaurants, are products that will perfectly complement any larger dish or work well as a stand-alone snack.
From now on, two Soups - Tuscan Cream and Vegan Curry - will also be permanently available on our menu. We are introducing them to provide you with an even greater choice of warm, nutritious dishes that are perfect for colder days or as a light but filling meal.
Come to Salad Story to try our new items and see for yourself how deliciously healthy ingredients can be combined. We are sure that our revamped menu will delight every healthy food lover. Come to our restaurants or order for delivery!