Warming Asia – our new seasonal menu


You will notice the changing season also in our restaurants. On 14 December, the Warming flavours of Asia returned to our menu!

The hero of our winter season is the SPICY PICKLE. Inspired by the traditional Korean dish of KIMCHI but prepared on the basis of our favourite Polish organic sauerkraut. Spicy and aromatic, warming and full of vitamins.

As part of the warming flavours of Asia, we prepared two salads for you: in a vegan version – Vegan Miso Mango, and with chicken – Mango Kimchi that you know so well. The salads have been joined by the delicious, spicy Thai Curry Box in which, instead of sauce, you will find our new seasonal soup – sweet potato Vege Curry. The Vege Thai Wrap, a winter edition of our classic, completes the winter set of seasonal dishes. ��

Our seasonal compositions will work perfectly on frosty or milder days and during any inclement weather; they are warming and filling, and at the same time they will help you replenish your body with many nutrients and vitamins it needs this time of year.

Check our current seasonal menu >>here<<